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Semester 1

Grade / Points


A  =  4.00

A-  =  3.67


B+  =  3.33

B  =  3.00

B-  =  2.67


C+  =  2.33

C  =  2.00

C-  =  1.67


D+  =  1.33

D  =  1.00

D-  =  0.67


F  =  0

In today's competitive academic and work environments, it's very important to monitor your college GPA. There are different ways around the world in which learning institutions track a students academic performance. College GPA Calculator only uses the letter and numerical systems, which is the way most Colleges and Universities in the United States grade students.

In the United States, a students academic performance is normally measured in the form of letter grades and the cumulation of those grades is what leads to the all important Grade Point Average. The most traditional grade evaluations used by colleges and universities in the U.S. Include letter grades A, B, C D and F although an additional plus + or minus – sign might be added to signify a slight increase or decrease in the value of the grade. Most of the time the college gpa scale, is the numerical range is from 0 ( the lowest possible ) to the most coveted 4.0 ( the highest possible ).


College students should already be familiar with the importance of earning a high grade point average. Starting in high school students begin to learn about the college admission process and the varying levels of acceptance based on GPA and test scores. Some students choose to attend junior college after high school, often because the academic admission requirements are less stringent than in larger universities. After a student has been able to maintain a good community college GPA, the admission process at the four year university becomes a much easier process as a transfer student. As long as the school is properly accredited, the community college GPA is officially recognized in the same way as the larger university.



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